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February 24 2014

Blue Eden – Underwater Exploration on the iPhone

This post is a bit off-track from booze, but I hope you’ll allow me the digression…

In between drinking and reviewing beers and whisky for this site I also make videogames in my spare time with a friend, and here’s our latest offering.

The game, for iOS, has you joining a school of Powder Blue Surgeonfish as you try to survive in the ocean, season after season.
Each of the four seasons in the year has a unique game type, where you avoid predators, search for food, breed and add more fish to your flock.

The game has an educational slant, with a gallery image section with information about the fish in the game and hopefully it will inspire people to become more aware of not only our oceans and the amazing creatures that live there but also nature in general and our connection to it.

(And now the money bit…)
The game is offered at the low price of $0.99/£0.69 and has NO In-App Purchases, so parents can be rest assured if their children play this they can’t rack up huge bills with Apple!

If you are interested in finding out more about Blue Eden, please visit the App Store
or the Skoobie Games homepage for more information.

There is also a Blue Eden facebook page and you can follow Blue Eden on Twitter .

Thank you!

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