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October 25 2011

Godzilla Sake

As well as having more than a passing interest in booze, I’m also quite keen on the Godzilla and other Toho Monster movies, and it’s not often these two worlds come together.

So I was very excited to read about Konishi Brewing Company releasing a Special Edition Shirayuki barley Shochu in a Godzilla pottery bottle!

Godzilla Sake Bottle

Godzilla Bottle

Apparently the brewery were approached by Toho Co Ltd (makers of the Godzilla movies) to think of ways of celebrating 55 years since Godzilla’s birth (the first screening of the original Godzilla movie was in November 1954).

Konishi decided to release their special shochu in a pottery bottle based on the Godzilla from the 1989 movie “Godzilla vs Biollante“. (The Godzilla monster design changes every few films).

Unfortunately, although they’re calling it SAKE Godzilla (SAKE ゴジラ), it’s actually shochu not sake.
I prefer sake – shochu gives me killer hangovers – but in Japanese “sake” is actually “alcohol“, not what English speakers call sake (the rice wine). In Japanese that is “Nihonshu” (although people do say sake in Japanese for nihonshu sometimes so it can get a bit confusing at times).

Godzilla Shochu

Godzilla Sake

The bottle was designed by the artist Nariaki Ito and Koichi Kawakita who directed six of the recent Godzilla movies, and was made by a famous Japanese pottery maker Kanekoh Ceramic Corporation.

Kudos for Konishi Brewing for having a go at releasing an English press release for this too, although I have a feeling the translation was done by babelfish or Google translate, as it contains some great phrases like

Delight to get drunk and become enthusiastic on Godzilla this evening

Godzilla-shaped pottery bottle also produce to respect a sense of such mind after drinking.

Although I’m glad they tried, as I wouldn’t have been able to find out any of the facts I’ve just written about!

The shochu is a 100% barley shochu made with water from Rokko Mountain apparently, and although I don’t really like shochu, I couldn’t miss out on an item like this, so one of the 3000 limited editions is winging it’s way to me as we speak!
A bit pricey at ¥10,500 ($100), but hey, it’s a Godzilla bottle!

More information can be found on their website here. (Although it’s all in Japanese except the afore mentioned English press release).

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