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September 16 2011

Japanese Autumn Beers 2011

Suntory 秋楽

Suntory Aki Raku

Japan is a country with four very distinct seasons and these are usually marked by the release of seasonal beers (or more often than not these days, daisan or low malt fake beers) from the main brewers here.

Last year I reviewed the Aki Aji 秋味 (Taste of Autumn) from Kirin which got a 2011 release also, but Suntory also released the Aki Raku 秋楽 (Translation: Autumn Comfort/Fun) this year.

(Update: It seems this was released last year too, but I guess I missed it. I found a review of it on Beers of Japan from 2010).

Reviewing it myself the other day, I found it to be an okay daisan, a bit flabby and flat, with not much flavourwise, except a slight taste of malt and a very subtle hint of dark chocolate.

However, having said that, for a daisan it’s not actually that bad!
The full review can be found here: Suntory Aki Raku Review

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