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June 20 2011

Whiskey Cool

Poker Whiskey

Whisky and Poker

The Rat Pack. Las Vegas. Casinos. Whiskey. Cool.

Is it just me or is there something inexplicably cool about sitting round a poker table sipping on a bourbon.

At least it looks that way in movies and TV, in The Sting, Casino, Las Vegas.
Is it possible to recreate that “cool” when playing at home with your friends?

Whiskey and gambling, especially poker, seem to have been inextricably linked since, I dunno, the days of cowboys in saloons, with their whiskey bottles with big cork stoppers, through to the cool Las Vegas Rat Pack, Frank, Dean and Sammy.

Ok, other drinks are acceptable while gambling of course, there are cocktails, club soda(?!), even wine I guess, but, for me, if you wanna go for the high roller at the The Bellagio look then it’s got to be a bourbon neat or on the rocks.

Back when I was working in London, it was popular amongst my friends to drink Makers Mark and Coke, usually in The Clachan just off Carnaby Street. This is fine for a Friday night out on the lash, but when trying to recreate the poker table cool, you can’t beat a straight shot of whiskey in a tumbler with maybe the chink of the ice in the glass as you take a sip between bets.

Beer is good too, especially early in the evening, as you’re warming up. I would suggest something light and refreshing, like Primus Lager or maybe a Corona, something to keep you alert and fresh. For me Guinness or a Porter would be just too heavy.

Of course you don’t want to drink too much lager at the table, not just because your concentration might get a little fuzzy, but you don’t want to have to keep leaving the table every half hour, while you “see a man about a dog“.

Whiskey Glass


Then as you progress to the early hours of the morning, the whiskey comes into play.

Neat or on the rocks, scotch or bourbon. It’s all good.

Of course if you’re playing at home then you don’t get the extra cool factor of calling the waitress over with a tip of your head, but you can’t have everything.

Photo Credits: Poker Chips and Cigar, www.pokerpicturesshq.com
Whiskey Glass acedip on Flickr

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