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May 6 2011

Top 5 Alternative Songs About Drinking

Ok, so I knew you all wanted to know what they were, so I had a think and these are my
Top 5 Alternative Songs About Drinking.
“Alternative” because, well to be honest, I didn’t want “Red Red Wine” to be in there!
So here goes….

Diving in at No. 5 is:
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds with “Brother, My Cup Is Empty” from the fantastic
Henry’s Dream album.
A sad, aggressive tale told in the first person by a man angrily cursing his woman and drowning his many sorrows in a bar till his money runs dry.

Sample Lyrics:

O brother, my cup is empty
And I haven’t got a penny
For to buy no more whiskey
I have to go home
So brother, be a brother
And fill this tiny cup of mine
And please, sir, make it whiskey
For I have no head for wine

At No. 4 we have :
The Cure’s “The Blood”.
Initially I thought this was a religious song, with lyrics such as

I am paralysed by the blood of Christ
Though it clouds my eyes
I can never stop

But I read an interview with Robert Smith, where he said it’s actually about his experiences with a Portugese wine called “The Tears of Christ“, which I believe the band took to drinking while filming the “Catch” video (presumably in Portugal).
Reading the lyrics again, a different meaning comes into view…

As I cool in the twilight
Taste the salt on my skin
I recall all the tears
All the broken words

At No. 3:
Bradford’s finest, Terrorvision with their party hit “Tequila

If there’s a lot on your mind it’s there to help you forget,
To relax and rewind and leave behind the regret,
First sip makes you well before you know it it’s time,
And you’re saying to hell with the salt, lemon and lime,
Salt, lemon and lime, time Tequila,

That’s the curse of Tequila

At No. 2:
The Wonderstuff’s tribute to the Great American Drunk and Poet, Charles Bukowski,
A Great Drinker“.
A bleak song, with a great catchy riff (like a lot of the Stuffies songs), with some unpleasantly descriptive lyrics.

There’s sweat on my finger tips
I got a belly full of beer shits
My head is too close to the wall.
There’s blood in my underwear
I don’t know how I got it there
I swear I’d bust open my head, should I fall.

And my favourite line:

Well there’s hate where my liver sits
I got cigarettes to pull to bits
I don’t think too much it’s bad for the soul.


Just The OneAnd my Number One Alternative Song About Drinking is….actually an E.P. devoted to the subject from The Levellers!
The Just The One E.P.

This EP continues not one but 4 great songs (well, “A Promise” is just ok), about drinking.
Just the One, A Promise, Your ‘Ouse and Drinking For England, with a nice cover featuring a couple of Alka Seltzer.
Just the One tells the story of a normal Saturday night out, starting out with

Do you fancy a drink
Just the one
To clear your head
We won’t be long

and ending with…

The rest is blank
And that’s the worst
An empty head
For an empty purse…

And they’re good singalong drinking songs too.

I’m sure many of you disagree (or who knows, maybe some of you are thinking along the same lines?)

Are there any great “alternative” songs I’ve forgotten about (or probably never heard??)
Let me know…

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