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May 8 2010

The 5 Stages of Asahi

Love it or hate it, one thing you can’t say about Asahi Beer is they don’t cater for all sizes.

This morning I went to our local off-license and bought the range of Asahi lager cans…

Asahi Lager Lineup

Asahi Beer Lineup

At one extreme we have the 1000ml party can, which I’ve never seen anyone buying or drinking, although it is sold in my local beer vending machine it always seems to be sold out. This is either because

  1. It’s the most popular size
  2. The owner managed to finally sell his first batch and decided not to re-stock.

I’m going for answer b).
In fact it wouldn’t surprise me if the only people buying 1 litre cans of Asahi are stupid foreigners writing blogs about Japanese beer.

This can, by the way, costs ¥599 (about $6).

Then we have the usual 500ml and 350ml cans.
Then it gets a little odd with the 250ml can and finally the old age pensioner size,
135ml for ¥99 ($1)!

Lets face it this is basically just a mouthful in a can.
I always wondered who bought these tiny cans, and then a friend told me her gran buys them and drinks one a day in the evening.
Good old Asahi, thinking of everyone.

They have also, fairly recently, bought out a steiny bottle

and of course they have the usual bottle sizes plus the larger Japanese bottle sizes.

Just a shame the lager in there isn’t better.


  1. I bought the 1.5 litre bottle last year…stupid foreigner moment. I think I only drank about a third of it.

    Comment by colm — May 9, 2010 @ 8:08 am

  2. Hi Colm.

    Thanks for stopping by. 1.5litre bottle? Don't think I've seen one of those, will have to look out for it. Although not sure if I can drink 1.5litres of Asahi.

    I started on these cans last night (starting from the ickle one first), got as far as the 350ml before going out for okonomiyaki.

    Wonder how long the 1litre can's gonna sit in my fridge?

    Comment by MoIppai — May 9, 2010 @ 9:17 pm

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