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May 30 2010

Headaches, Histamine and Wine

Several studies including one by Frost & Sullivan for The Nutrition Research Newsletter in June 1996 have found that foods containing histamine (such as wines) can cause headaches in people who are intolerant to histamine.
Mind you, isn’t that like saying “Punching people in the face can hurt people who are intolerant to being punched in the face.” ?

Anyway the April edition of Wired magazine listed the histamine content of some wines and for a sake drinker like myself I was pretty surprised!
Sake generally doesn’t give me headaches and hangovers compared to some red wines so looking at these results I guess I can assume I’m just not histamine intolerant.

Histamine Content of Wines (mg/l)
Black Muscat 1.8
Syrah 3
Chardonnay 3.7
Cabernet Sauvignon 4
Merlot 5
Japanese Plum Wine 35
Filtered Sake 44(!)

I wonder what the histamine content of shochu is, as that really kills me the next day.

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