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April 26 2010

Dokodemo Wine – Anywhere Wine

Stamp Of Australia Wine

Stamp Of Australia Wine

I found this little gem in the local supermarket the other day, and it’s an Australian wine so I’m sure this bottle is not exclusive to Japan, but it did have a certain Japanese feel to it in it’s clever design.

It’s called “Dokodemo Wine” (どこでもワイン) in Japanese which translates as “Anywhere Wine” , because you can take it and drink it anywhere as you can see from the picture, the bottles “closure” is actually a plastic bottle which you unscrew and fill with the wine.

Hardys Shiraz Cabernet

Hardys Shiraz Cabernet


The wine itself is called Stamp of Australia and is produced by Hardys Winery in Australia and it’s not bad (bearing in mind it comes in a plastic bottle so you can’t expect Mouton Rothschild), it’s very drinkable and I’ll definitely be buying some for my next bbq by the river or picnic – just a shame I didn’t find it earlier for this years “Cherry Blossom Viewing”.

It’s a hell of a lot better than the other take-out wine, the canned wine from Barokes.

They also make a Chardonnay Semillion version which I’ll buy next time I’m the supermarket.
I reviewed the Shiraz/Cabernet Sauvignon “Stamp of Australia” here.
The Barokes Bubbly Red Wine is here and the Rose here.

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