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February 7 2017

Wino Sippers – For the Drinker Who has Everything

Wino Sippers – when a plastic straw just isn’t good enough!

You know your Aunt May? The slightly tipsy one, with the red-wine stained teeth? Yeah, that one.
Well now, here’s the perfect present for her!

Wino Sippers Box

Wino Sippers Box

The Wino Sipper! A specially made glass and straw combo.
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January 22 2017

Daisen G Craft Beers

Each year, around Christmas I’ve managed to collect enough credit card points to cash them in for something from their (not particularly extensive catalogue).
Usually I just have enough for a box of 24 Asahi, but this year seems I’d spent more than usual and managed to get enough points for these great Japanese Craft beers from Daisen G!

A box of Daisen G Beers!

A box of Daisen G Beers!

Daisen G Beer Selection

Daisen G Beer Selection

The beers are all pretty good especially the stout and the pale ale. Recommended.

Their website only seems to be in Japanese unfortunately, but it can be found here : http://g-beer.jp/

November 8 2016

Fizzics Waytap : Draft Beer At Home

This Indiegogo venture has been on Indiegogo for a couple of months now but it’s only just crossed my

It’s a device to turn your canned or bottled beer into a foamy, draft pint!

Previously, this company launched the Fizzics which is a draft beer system that takes all sizes of cans and bottles and using their special technology, creates a freshly drawn beer straight from the tap.

The Fizzics Waytap appears to be a more portable version of this and has already raised over $1,000,000! (over 2000% of their initial asking price), on IndieGoGo.

Fizzics Waytap

Fizzics Waytap

It does look very cool and a nice draft beer in the home is always welcome but unfortunately the $120 price (on IndieGoGo, RRP will be $150) is a bit out of my budget range.

The Indiegogo campaign can be found here if you want to find out more about the WayTap.

October 3 2016

The Lakes Vodka is a Firm Contender as World’s Finest Vodka Brand

Some news from The Lakes Distillery:

The Lakes Distillery, Cumbria’s only distillery, is celebrating another impressive win this week, after being awarded Silver in this year’s The Vodka Masters competition which aims to find and reward the finest vodka brands from across the world.

The Lakes Vodka fought off competition from over 100 entrants to win Silver in the Ultra Premium Vodka category – vodkas that retail over £25 per bottle.
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September 18 2016

The Development of Whiskey

Whiskey is water based spirits obtained by the distillation of one or more cereals and aged in oak barrels, while Cognac and Armagnac are produced from grapes, apple-based calvados (and pears), and the sugar cane-based rum.

Image from Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whisky

Glenfiddich Distillery Stills Image from Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whisky

Nevertheless, one cannot directly distil cereal, fruit or sugar cane in a still. It must be extracted first and the sugars contained in the cereal grains or in the fruits converted into alcohol using yeast: Fermentation is indeed the pivot of this complex process.

To simplify, we can say that whiskey is water spirits fermented cereal, just like cognac is a brandy wine spirits or calvados, water spirits cider. The whiskey ingredients are apparently simple: grain, water and yeast, all going in different tanks and then filtered into stills before aging in oak barrels. But every ingredient, every step and every tool is of considerable importance in creating the flavours and texture of the whiskey. We offer you to discover each of these steps. How Whisky is Made

Alcohol And Gambling

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