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June 28 2017

UnWine Social Wine App

There are many Wine apps on the mobile market at the moment, and one of the more recent, and perhaps more “sociable” ones is unWine from Lion Mobile.

Cellar Profile

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March 30 2017

Americans Love Whiskey

The people over at Webstaurant created this rather cool Infographic about Americans and their love of Whiskey.
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February 26 2017

Turning Japanese at the Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival

If you’re heading to the Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival this April it looks like you’ll be able to try some Japanese whiskies as well as the Scottish variety…

Turning Japanese – Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival broadens horizons with unexpected tastes and experiences

If you think that Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival simply celebrates amber nectar from the world-famous region that is home to more than half of Scotland’s malt whisky distilleries then think again – visitors will have the opportunity to sample a range of Japanese whiskies too.

While the chance to meet key players in the Speyside whisky industry and join exclusive behind the scenes distillery tours are in high demand, the festival’s reputation as a premier whisky event means that some unexpected drams will be on offer during the experience.

Although Speyside distilleries would argue that their produce is the best in the world, Japanese whiskies have been making their mark. Speyside’s The Highlander Inn at Craigellachie is owned by Tatsuya Minagawa from Japan and is home to one of the world’s largest collections of Japanese whiskies outside South East Asia. It is here that Global Brand Ambassador Yumi Yashikawa will discuss ‘Everything about Chichibu Distillery’ with a rare chance to try brand new bottlings and new cask samples of whiskies not yet available in the UK.
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February 7 2017

Wino Sippers – For the Drinker Who has Everything

Wino Sippers – when a plastic straw just isn’t good enough!

You know your Aunt May? The slightly tipsy one, with the red-wine stained teeth? Yeah, that one.
Well now, here’s the perfect present for her!

Wino Sippers Box

Wino Sippers Box

The Wino Sipper! A specially made glass and straw combo.
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January 22 2017

Daisen G Craft Beers

Each year, around Christmas I’ve managed to collect enough credit card points to cash them in for something from their (not particularly extensive catalogue).
Usually I just have enough for a box of 24 Asahi, but this year seems I’d spent more than usual and managed to get enough points for these great Japanese Craft beers from Daisen G!

A box of Daisen G Beers!

A box of Daisen G Beers!

Daisen G Beer Selection

Daisen G Beer Selection

The beers are all pretty good especially the stout and the pale ale. Recommended.

Their website only seems to be in Japanese unfortunately, but it can be found here : http://g-beer.jp/

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