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Tanrei Double W

Tanrei Double W

Brewery : Kirin
Location : Japan > Tokyo
Beer Type : Happoshu
Alcohol : 5.5% Abv
Calories : 37KCal/100ml
Score: 65 by MoIppai (06/07/2010)
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This is another of Kirin's Tanrei series, the Double W is the blue can and is also 99% purine free!
Purine is a natural substance found in many foods and drinks but in too large a quantity can be bad for you (which I only found out about at my first yearly compulsory Japanese health check) It can lead to gout or worse.

So this 99% purine free is great for people on a low-purine diet (as I was a couple of years ago - till I gave up, you'll find out why by the end of this review).

This happoshu has an unusual smell, nothing like a beer or happoshu really.

Quite dry and it coats the teeth and tongue.

Thankfully not much of an aftertaste.

I guess the purine supplies the good taste in beer as 99% purine free is really, really bad.

Note to self : Never buy this again!

(Now you can see why I gave up on my low-purine diet!)

MoIppai Member Comments :
Scores : 65 (MoIppai)  
Average Score : 65

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