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Shun No Mugi

Shun No Mugi

Brewery : Kyorin Foods and Liquor Corporation
Location : Japan > Kobe
Beer Type : Daisan (Happosei,Third Category)
Alcohol : 5% Abv
Calories : 47KCal/100ml
Score: 84 by MoIppai (25/05/2011)
Views : 2157

This is a new Daisan from the boringly named Kyorin Foods and Liquor Corporation in Kobe.
It's "Brewed with selected malt, hop and rice from pure Natural Environment", so I guess that means it's kind of organic??

"Shun no Mugi" (旬の麦) translates as "Peak Seasonal Malt", or "The Best Time for Tasty Malt" - Shun being, "Peak Season".

There's very little of note on the nose, and tastewise, a fairly standard Daisan.
Tastes a little "empty", very light, with not too much flavour, and on the finish there's that carbonated water feel, but more subtle than some other daisans, so not too bad.

Overall, very average. Certainly not worth trying again, but drinkable none the less.

MoIppai Member Comments :
Light, very light. It's probably the lightest beer I've ever had. Incredibly cheap though. You have to give them that.

I thought there was a slight metallic aftertaste, like someone dropped a coin in it. It was alright, but for a bit more, there are better daisan.
Scores : 84 (MoIppai)   80 (tbohn)  
Average Score : 82

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