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Maredsous Blond

Maredsous Blond

Brewery : Maredsous Abbey
Location : Belgium > Namur
Beer Type : Ale
Alcohol : 6% Abv
Score: 90 by MoIppai (16/12/2011)
Views : 1493

This Belgium Abbey Ale is brewed for the Duvel beer company by the monks at the Maredsous Abbey in Namur, Belgium apparently (although some websites have it as being actually brewed by Duvel themselves, I believe Duvel license the name, but the monks do the brewing - or at least it's brewed in the abbey, as it's classified as an abbey ale, so legally it has to be brewed in an abbey...right?).

Any road up, it's a light-medium golden colour on the pour with a small bubbly white head.

Pretty fresh and fruity hoppy on the nose with a slight hint of a corianderish white beer.

On the palate it has a light, white beer taste, not too strong though. More hoppy than the strong orange or coriander that overpowers some white beers.

It's quite up front on the hops initially, but it settles down on the finish so it's nice to go back and get that initial hit again after things have calmed down.

Pretty nice!

The abbey beer website is here where you can discover that even today the monks still drink this at lunchtime. Lucky monks.

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Scores : 90 (MoIppai)  
Average Score : 90

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