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Hinano Tahiti

Hinano Tahiti

Brewery : Brasserie de Tahiti
Location : Tahiti > Papete
Beer Type : Lager
Alcohol : 5% Abv
Score: 91 by MoIppai (03/08/2010)
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This is a pale golden lager with a fizzy head that soon disappears.

It has a tropical nose that I guess you should expect in a lager from Tahiti, with a sweetness to it.

On the palate there's also a sweetness and this lager has more mouthfeel than I was expecting.

Overall a fresh, clean and refreshing lager.

MoIppai Member Comments :
I had this beer again this summer and not realizing I'd already reviewed it, I wrote some notes on it again.
So here they are:

This is a golden lager with a big frothy white head that lingers (note, the previous head "soon disappeared"!).
It has a crisp and clean nose and palate, fresh, refreshing and fairly light in body.

Quite dry and some bitterness too. The dry dryness lingers on the finish.

There's almost a light tropical fruity feel to it, but not so much as something you can taste, just more of a feeling.

Excellent for refreshing on a hot humid day.
Scores : 91 (MoIppai)   90 (MoIppai)  
Average Score : 91

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