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Hatachino Nest Beer

Hatachino Nest Beer

Brewery : Kiuchi Brewery
Location : Japan
Beer Type : Beer
Alcohol : 8% Abv
Score: 78 by tbohn (10/12/2011)
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This is one of the beers I discovered in Japan that really impressed me. It is brewed Ibaraki-ken. It was the 8% Extra High variety that they brew, but most are typically 5%.

The Extra High had a very strong bitter taste to me, but it was not off-putting. According to the website:

"Strong Belgian Brown Ale matured in distilled Sake barrels. The final Maturation takes place in Shochu casks {distilled sake} for 3 months."

Due to it being matured it Sake and Shochu barrels, it had a very unique taste compared to any beer I've had in Japan. It tasted more like a small brew American beer. I found it to be a very satisfy alternative to Asahi Super Dry, but I only ever saw it in a import store in Osaka.

MoIppai Member Comments :
Sounds like a very interesting beer, matured in shochu casks? Will have to look out for this one.

This beer really impressed you, but you only scored it 78/100? You're a tough reviewer. lol!
Scores : 78 (tbohn)  
Average Score : 78

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