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Asahi 4VG

Asahi 4VG

Brewery : Asahi Breweries
Location : Japan > Osaka
Beer Type : Daisan (Happosei,Third Category)
Alcohol : 5% Abv
Calories : 44KCal/100ml
Score: 80 by MoIppai (22/09/2010)
Views : 2288

This is a new daisan (third-type beer like drink) from Asahi, and the 4VG stands for "4-vinylguaiacol". This is a phenol aromatic compound and has a pungent clove like aroma apparently.

I don't quite understand the science of it, but it appears "normal" beers contain some amounts of 4-vinylguaiacol, so perhaps the theory is, if you add this to a "fake" beer it might taste more like "real" beer?
I'm just guessing here though.

Anyway, what's it like?

It's very light and pale on the pour with a big frothy head.

It has a fairly standard, bland daisan taste, but not too bad.
Quite refreshing in a way.

There is some weight to it too, in the mouth.

As Daisans go this isn't bad, which is even more surprising as it comes from Asahi who have a poor track record with happoshus and daisans (and some of their beers), in my opinion).

I was expecting a lot worse (for example their Asahi W-Zero, which is shocking).

I scored this an 80, but that's comparing it to other daisans. Compared to a beer it would obviously score less, but to be honest, it wasn't that bad and I would drink it again.

MoIppai Member Comments :
extremely light with little body and a very mellow taste. I had this the other day with some spicy wings and hot weather and it hit the spot. now that the weather is cooling I think I`d opt for some thing a bit more substantial. not bad, not great.
Scores : 80 (MoIppai)   73 (bromley365)  
Average Score : 77

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